Mission and motto activities

In the context of the growing logistics market, professionalism, competition and rapid integration with regional and world markets; Vinalink's activities are organized and implemented on the basis of internal connectivity, connecting with customers and partners to achieve the goal of bringing success to all. Our mission is:

Connectivity - Same success

Being a leading enterprise in the field of logistics, Vinalink always accompanies customers to develop professional and diversified services, constantly improving the quality of customer service, controlling costs reasonably and efficiently. Our motto is:

Professional - Dedicated - Reliable - Efficient

Domestic transport service
Zen Phoenix offers a complete range of container logistic custody, dispositioning, inland transportation, maintenance and repairs, leasing arrangement.

Warehousing and storage facilities
Zenphoenix is ready to meet customer's need for receiving, storage, and distribution processing of goods through the established nationwide transportation network.

Int’l Freight Forwarding service(NVOOC)
Being one of the leading International Freight Forwarders, Zen Phoenix is committed to providing the best and diversified Freight forwarding service . With Zen Phoenix, no destination is out of range.

Logistics Services
Logistic services are commercial activities whereby a trader organizes one or more tasks, including receiving, transporting, storing, storing, and discharging procedures.

Multimodal Transportation
Multimodal Transport is a legal concept strictly defined in the United Nations Convention on the International Transport of Goods and other international instruments, ...


Why Choose Us

As a leading enterprise in logistics, Zen Phoenix strives to bring the best benefits to our customers. Therefore, we always place ourselves in the customer's place to build the best and most diversified services based on the guideline of "professional, dedicated, reliable and efficient". Here are the highlights and differences that make you decide who to choose:

Mini-bridge and Land bridge
This system is in operation for the movement of containers on certain important international routes Read more
A combination of air carriage with truck transport is a frequent method of multimodal service of Zen Phoenix Company. Read more
Rail - Road
The combination the safety and speed of railway with the mobility of auto inland is mode of preeminent transport which much used in America and Europe and Asia have been applied. Read more









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Warhousing/ Inventory Management Logistics

About warehousing systems and warehouse management, we are setting up a hierarchy of decision problems encountered in management warehousing systems including planning and control issues.
Transportation Management Logistics

Goods movement and freight distribution are widely represented in science and geographical research, and a large body of traditional spatial theory has been developed with respect to transportation costs that...
Supply Chain Management Logistics

Successful supply chain management requires cross-functional integration and marketing must play a critical role.